By Studio Left

We have been wanting to participate in LA Design Festival for a while now, but in the past years, there’s always something that gets in the way. We are so happy that we are able to participate this year and join the 10th annual LA Design Festival with our installation, despite the pandemic. This year, the festival celebrates design for the future and includes four days of virtual programming, window installations at ROW DTLA that can be viewed safely outdoor, online workshops, video tours, and more.

What does ‘Design for The Future’ means to us?

In our minds, design is always responsive to time. It learns from the past, it answers the present and it accounts for the future, as much as we can foresee it.

The idea of enclosures has always interested us. As we cross between disciplines in our day-to-day work, we get to work with different types of enclosures from each discipline, and realized that there are opportunities to blend archetypes and morphologies, especially when we redefine function and lifespan.

We created an installation titled Shell, a play of structure and skin that explores the concept of enclosures and spaces as a piece of architecture, an object and a scenic element, our love letter to the world of multi-disciplinary design we love so much.

The installation is done inside space 138 in ROW DTLA, and is meant to be viewed as a window installation during the festival, from September 24th-September 30th. It is also available to be seen digitally through this link:

To us, design for the future is cross-disciplinary.

Design for the future is adaptable.
Design for the future is responsive.
Design for the future is tailored to local condition.
Design for the future is resourceful.
Design for the future is optimistic.


Studio Left Team:
Irma Hardjakusumah, Jessica Rovanio, Susun Kwak, Putri Sarnadi, Jeanette Simatauw

We would like to thank our collaborators:

Bill Ferrell Co. – Fabrication

Matt Ringer-Lighting Design

Showpro-Lighting Fixtures and Equipment

Photography by Wanderlust Creatives