Studio Left is a multi-disciplinary design studio that crafts spaces and experiences for the world of events, exhibits, stage presentations, art installations, interiors, experiential marketing and everything in between.

Based in Los Angeles, Studio Left is established in 2011 by multi-disciplinary designer Irma Hardjakusumah. Inspired by the concept of the Renaissance-(wo)man, the Bauhaus group and the Mission: Impossible team, she sets out to put together a team of designers, engineers, artists, makers, crafters, strategists and specialists to create cross-disciplinary designs that touch solutions often overlooked by our competitors serving a singular industry.

Studio Left had created spaces and experiences for brands and entities in the fashion, beauty, wellness, automotive, publishing, music, movie, television, arts, museum, non-profit, luxury, sustainable, technology, and food industries. The team had also collaborated with the biggest agencies, organizations and production houses worldwide in creating spaces and experiences for the most celebrated, most memorable and most published events.

Their work had been published in the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Magazine, the New York Times, the Hollywood Reporter, and more. Hardjakusumah had been invited to speak in several industry conferences as well as featured in industry blogs and podcasts.